Zero-Filter Kit by Zruncho

Zero-Filter Kit by Zruncho

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A recirculating air filter that fits in the tightest of spaces

Mounts cleanly under the bed of an F-Zero, Micron, or other smaller-volume, "zero-size" enclosed printer.

Heavily inspired by the Nevermore series of air filters.


  • Uses standard 4010 blower fans, without modification
  • Prints easily, without supports, and no crazy overhangs
  • Lid attaches quickly and securely to the cartridge, for easy filter media changes
  • Cartridge snaps into place, magnetically, with a satisfying click
  • Includes a gasket slot for a perfect seal between base and cartidge
  • One fits in a 70mm x 97mm space; two fit in a 70mm x 194mm space
  • Mounts with a provided brace and one screw, or with high-bond tape

- Taken from the GitHub repo.

Kit includes:

  • 4010 blower fan
  • 14g carbon
  • Required fasteners