Voron 2.4 Motion Kit

Voron 2.4 Motion Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • 16T B5W6 Pulley x 4 (Runice RLA16-2GT-6-C-P5-H15.5)
  • 20T B5W6 Pulley x 2 (Runice RLA20-2GT-6-C-P5-H16)
  • 20T B5W9 Pulley x 4 (Runice P20-2GT-9-A-P5-H14)
  • 80T B5W6 Puley x 4 (Runice RLA80-2GT-6-P5-B-H18)
  • 20T B5W6 Idler x 2 (Runice P20-2GT-6-A-P5-H10)
  • 20T B5W9 Idler x 4 (Runice P20-2GT-10-A-P5-H14)
  • 20T B5W6 Pulley, Deflanged x 1 (Cheap pulley)
  • 188mm Loops x 4 (Gates 188-2GT-6 RF)
  • 6mm GT2 Belt (Gates LL-2GT-6 RF)
  • 9mm GT2 Belt (Gates LL-2GT-9 RF)
  • 30mm Pin x 1
  • 60mm D-Cut shaft x 4
  • F695-2RS x 20
  • F625-2RS x 12

Belt length is determined by size. 250 and 300, use 4m LL-2GT-6 RF. 350 uses 5m. All sizes include 5m LL-2GT-9 RF.

Crappy pulley included for z endstop, because I can't handle knowing that one of these pulleys is going to be hammered on.

Images coming, at some point.