Salad Fork Kit
Salad Fork Kit
Salad Fork Kit
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Salad Fork Kit

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NOW SHIPPING. Discount good until August, 11. 

Kit includes:

  • Frame (T-Slot Equivalent):
    • DFH HFS3-1515-270
    • DFH HFS3-1515-175
    • DFH HFS3-1515-300
    • DFH HFS3-1515-400
    • DFH HFS3-1515-230
    • DFH HFS3-1515-240
    • DFH HFS3-1515-170
  • Motors (included, but optional):
    • DFH Nema14 Stepper Motor DFH-14MCRN-1848
    • DFH Nema14 Pancake Stepper Motor DFH-14MCRN-1815
    • DFH Nema17 Integrated Leadscrew Stepper Motor DFH-42USC-200N81404B
  • Rails:
    • DFH MGN-7H 230 x 2*
    • DFH MGN-7H 200 x 3*
    • DFH MGN-9C 210 x 1*
  • DFH BOM Style Panels. ACM Back and Base. Acrylic Top, Sides and Door. Panels are now optional*
  • DFH EPDM Rubber Feet. TESTED BY SCIENCE as the best available option
  • DFH 5x25mm Pin
  • DFH Fastener Kit With Enough Extras to Keep Nero full for Weeks*
  • DFH/LLW 160mm² UltraFlat BLACK Anodized Aluminum Bed*
  • DFH/LLW 60mm² 24v-180w, Full Sheet Silicone Heater, Universal to all Ants Printers
  • DFH 170mm² Magnetic Pad
  • DFH 160mm² Flex Plate 0.5mm thick, Smooth/Texture, With SF Logo
  • GDstime 3010 Blower Fan (24V, Dual Ball) x 2
  • GDstime 3010 Axial Fan (24V, Dual Ball)
  • GDstime 4010 Axial Fans (24v, Dual Ball) x 2
  • DFH Din Rail 266mm x 2
  • MDPC-X Medium Cable Sleeving x 1m
  • MDPC-X Small Cable Sleeving x 1m
  • DFH 7x7 Cable Chain
  • 5x20mm Fuse
  • IEC 320-C14 AC Inlet
  • DFH 18AWG Wire (FEP) (Black, Red) x 1m
  • DFH 18AWG Wire (FEP) (Green, White, Black) x 1m
  • DFH 24AWG Wire (FEP) x 10m
  • Igus Chainflex® CF113-007-D x 1m
  • Omron D2F-x Micro Switch x 4
  • Meanwell UHP-350-24 Power Supply is now optional*
  • Fysetc V0 Display is now optional*
  • BTT EBB + U2C CAN Boards
  • BTT Manta + 5 x 2209 + CB1 Pi Replacement*
  • DFH F623-RS Flanged Bearing x 24
  • DFH GE5C Spherical Bearing x 3*
  • DFH TR8x8 Leadscrew Nut (Anti-Backlash)
  • Gates LL-2GT-6 RF Belt x 4m*
  • Runice GT-2 20T 6mm Pulley (5mm Bore) x 2*
  • DFH Salad Fork Titanium Keychain

*Item has upgrade/downgrade options.

To purchase a default kit, just choose your frame color and hit buy.

Optional Parts and Add-Ons:

There are options for secondary control boards, SSR for 120v heaters, titanium backers, nut bars, pins and several other items.

I've also made the power supply, panels and several other items optional, due to popular demand, or lack thereof. 

Hotend has been left up to the customer as that was the general request from Micron.

The options are all discounted from their list price, with the greatest discount being an add-on Enraged Rabbit Kit at over 30% off list. Only available with a kit purchase

What you will still need:

  • Foam Tape
  • VHB Tape
  • Printed Parts
  • C13 Power Cord

A small cut of the profits will go to the dev team for SF (Yuri), and another small cut goes to lightweightlabware for the assist with my parts

More info may be found in the GitHub Repo.