EBB36 CAN Toolhead Board

EBB36 CAN Toolhead Board

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Both boards are functionally identical. I’ve lowered the price on 1.0 boards because people will always choose the higher number. 

1.0 uses ARM Cortex-M0 STM32F072C8T6 48MHz
1.1 uses ARM Cortex-M0+ STM32G0B1CBT6 64MHz



  • MCU: Listed above
  • Stepper Dirver: Onboard TMC2209 in UART mode, UART address: 00, Rsense: 0.11R
  • Onboard Accelerometer Sensor: ADXL345
  • Onboard Temperature IC: Max31865 Select 2 / 4 lines PT100 / PT1000 by DIP switch (no Max31865 verson have not this feature)
  • Input Voltage: DC12V-DC24V 6A
  • Logic Voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Heating Interface: Hotend (E0), maximum output current: 5A
  • Fan Interfaces: two CNC fans (FAN0, FAN1)
  • Maximum Output Current of Fan Interface: 1A, Peak Value 1.5A
  • Expansion Interfaces: EndStop, I2C, Probe, RGB, PT100/PT1000, USB interface, CAN Interface
  • Temperature Sensor Interface Optional: 1 Channel 100K NTC or PT1000(TH0), 1 Channel PT100/PT1000
  • USB Communication Interface: USB-Type-C
  • DC 5V Maximum Output Current: 1A

The 1.0 does have a beneft over the 1.1, as the 1.1 has some issues when in DFU mode. Just pay attention and 1.1 will be just fine. Disclaimer and instructions may be found here: [DISCLAIMER]